Wisdom in teams

Increasing team intelligence, so the team does wiser things.
The ability to deal with an increasingly complex environment.
Trust  makes everything faster and more like a game.

Higher team intelligence

speed, flexibility and proactivity, so the team works better in challenging situations

Antifragile team

a self-learning team that constantly improves and learns in new circumstances

Achieving the unimaginable

synergy between different generations and personalities in the team

Team development

Timovi razine HR


I can help your team to be even more successful. I work with management, top and middle management teams, sales teams, as well as healthcare teams.

I distinguish between types of teams, types of personalities, types of business as well as development stages of teams and organizations – so I suggest wise and pragmatic steps to improve the functionality of teams.

New teams receive direction, vision, meaning, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary for successful teamwork.

Experienced teams gain new insight into advanced teamwork capabilities that lead them to unimaginable results.

I usually conduct workshops in which the team’s knowledge and existing experience are used. I use methods that fully involve and immerse the team in shared learning and experience.

Lego Serious Play, numerous methods of facilitation and harvesting of team learning and wisdom, team coaching… but it’s not the methods that matter, but – team learning and transformation.

Each team is a special and unique system.

I provide the team with time and space where the team can transform through the insights gained through shared experience.

20 years of experience in the design, execution and improvement of team workshops and team coaching is reflected in the relaxed approach of both me and the team. And then it is easyer to learn and change.

I also developed Learning 4.0 which provides real-time learning for self-learning and self-developing teams.

The most appropriate.

I do not adhere to any method or model. I am not (anymore) in love with any of them and I do not practice uncritical use of any of them.

I don’t bother the teams with theory or with my coaching / facilitator / coaching skills.

I provide the team with time and space where the team can transform through the insights gained through shared experience.

Team coherence
A coordinated team achieves more with a better atmosphere.
Aligning generations, values, and personality types in a team through engaging interaction leads to more trust, security, and team collaboration.
And then it leads to the desired results.
I want more coherent team
Team intelligence
Development of team intelligence and wisdom through workshops, team coaching and visual facilitation.
I want more synergy in the team
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Wisdom in business

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Wisdom in business


Wisdom in sales

Ability to see multiple options in any sales situation and make wiser decisions

Wisdom in sales

The ability to practice progressive sales methods that bring more value to you and your customers
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