Wisdom in sales

Greater impact on clients.

Ability to deal with challenging  objections and resistance.

Selling becomes a game. A serious, fun and successful game.

More options

the ability to see multiple options in any sales situation and make wiser decisions in real time

Render the competitors irrelevant

the possibility of practicing progressive sales methods that the competition cannot copy

Achieving the unimaginable

even better results in challenging situations and on the VUCA / BAME market

Sales person development


Horizontal development increases the knowledge and skills of the salesperson, helps the salesperson to know how to behave when working with the client.

Through horizontal development, the seller installs new “apps“. Over time, the limiting factor becomes the “operating system” or the salesperson’s mind.

Horizontal development changes what a sales associate KNOWS and DOES.


Vertical development transforms the salesperson’s mind, upgrades thinking, mindset, changes identities, i.e. “operating system“… and enables the use of progressive sales methods.

Vertical development brings deeper insights, more possibilities in every situation and increases the seller’s influence on the client and the market.

Vertical development transforms what it means to BE a salesperson, builds wisdom and exponentially increases the ability to influence clients and achieve results.

Prodaja mapa HR

Where to next? Horizontally? Vertically? Both? Neither?

Every sales person has different path of development.

I know the development map, so I know what to do at each stage of the seller’s development. 

Save time, money and unnecessary suffering in the development of your sales people.


Exclusively for sellers who work with complex services and products (healthcare, pharma, IT, finance) and have long-term relationships with clients.

Inexperienced salespeople will gain the knowledge and skills they need to function as quickly and efficiently as possible in their sales role.

Experienced salespeople will get an opportunity for deeper sales insights as well as the chance to practice progressive sales methods.

The ones you need right now, that your sales staff can practice right now. And only if training is necessary at all.

With experienced sellers and teams, I deliver workshops, team and personal coaching that trains them for further transformations and practicing complex sales methods.

Every salesperson is different, but they all go through the same stages of sales development.

There are numerous sales methods. But none of them is universal or suitable for everyone.

Therefore, I approach individually and respecting the previous development path and the current level of development.

The most appropriate.

I do not adhere to any method or model. I am not (anymore) in love with any of them and I do not practice uncritical use of any of them.

I don’t bother with theory or with my coaching / facilitation / coaching skills.

My 20 years of practice in developing sales organizations have given me the ability to assess your current level of sales organization and suggest the next steps in developing and transforming your sales… if they are needed.

If you need “generic” sales training, you can probably find a cheaper provider.

If you need an optimal solution and the highest value – then you are in the right place.

With me, there are no wanderings or unsuccessful projects in the last 10 or so years. In the beginning, I also wandered a little…

From expert to consultant
I personally went through the transformation from an expert to a consultant,
so I am happy to help in this area.
Individual or group, but always in-company and always individualised.
I want to be a reliable consultant
From consultant to rainmaker
I enable experienced people in consultative sales of complex products and services to use progressive sales methods that lead to an unattainable advantage on the market and unimaginable results.
They make it rain in the desert.
But it's not for everyone...
I want to do wonders in sales
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