Wisdom in leadership

Greater impact on the team, organization, market and society.
The ability to handle more, with less drama and stress.
Leadership becomes a game. Serious game.

More options

the ability to see multiple options in any situation and make a wise decision

Transformative leadership

By practicing the most progressive leadership methods, you transform the team and the organisation

Achieving the unimaginable

10 times, not 10 percent more

Leader development


Horizontal development increases the knowledge and skills of the leader. 

Through horizontal development, the leader installs new “apps“. Over time, the limiting factor becomes the “operating system” ie. the leader’s mind.

Horizontal development changes what the manager KNOWS and DOES.


Vertical development transforms the leader’s mind, upgrades thinking, mindset, changes identity, “operating system“… (um yes, it’s a bit scary for everyone’s ego).

Vertical development brings deeper insights, more possibilities in every situation and increases the influence of the leader by several orders of magnitude.

Vertical development transforms what it means to BE a leader, it builds the wisdom of a leader.


Where to next? Horizontally? Vertically? Both? Neither?

Every leader has his own development path.

I know the leader development map, so I know what to do in each stage of leader development.

Save yourself time, money and unnecessary suffering on the way to becoming a top leader.


For leaders who do not have the time and will to wander.

New leaders will get the knowledge and skills they need to function as leaders as quickly and as well as possible.

Experienced leaders will gain deeper insights into leadership as well as the opportunity to BE leaders.

Those that you need at this moment and that you as a leader can practice at this moment in your current organization.

Sometimes you don’t need training.

I know most of the leadership methods out there. We will choose the best one for you at this moment.

I am not particularly attached to any method and I will not push my solution to your “problem” on you.

Individually. As a human being.

You are approached individually, meeting with you at your current level of development in the role of leader.

Your current functionality in the role of leader is observed, and you are provided with personalized support and a series of development tasks, tools and methods that you need.

The most appropriate.

I do not adhere to any method or model. I’m not in love with any of them anymore and I use them more wisely now.

I don’t bother the leaders with theory or with my coaching / facilitation / coaching skills.

I am here to provide what the leader needs, in the way that is most suitable for the leader to develop.

Not as much as wandering around the map of leader development is expensive.

If you need “generic” training, you can probably find a cheaper provider.

If you want the optimal solution and the greatest value – then you are in the right place.

From expert to leader
I help experts from the fields of medicine, IT, finance, engineering... in their transformation into leaders.
Individual or group, live or online, but always tailored to you.
Every expert has different path of transformation into a leader.
I'm here to help.
I want to lead successfully
From achiever to magician
Have you achieved your goals? Overcame obstacles? Have most of your dreams come true?
And you feel there is something more? Well, there is.
I help experienced leaders to acquire new abilities through personal transformation and BE leaders who can achieve unimaginable, even magical things.
I want to BE a leader
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Wisdom in business

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Wisdom in business


WIsdom in sales

Ability to see multiple options in any sales situation and make wiser decisions

WIsdom in sales

The ability to practice progressive sales methods that bring more value to you and your customers
Let me see...
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