What does wisdom bring to the business?

It took me twenty years of working with people to realize that the common name of all my (not always successful) efforts were actually to help individuals and teams to be wiser. Wisdom and business are not often mentioned in the same sentence.

Therefore, I began to consider why this is so, what wisdom actually is, where it can be “found” and what wisdom brings to all of us in our daily work.

Wisdom is abstract and intangible, so for people in business it is not really the primary topic they deal with. However, wisdom in management and business brings enormous benefits for you, your team, your organisation and the society in which you operate.

It turns out that wisdom is something worth “investing” in for pragmatic business reasons.

Wisdom in business brings you personally:

  • more options when facing challenges and problems
  • the ability to deal with increasingly complex challenges with less drama and stress
  • flexibility in coping with anything
  • greater influence on the team, the organization and beyond.

Wisdom in a team brings:

  • the ability to cope with the increasingly complex environment in which the team operates
  • more cooperation and synergy, especially regarding the growth of team intelligence
  • wiser and more sustainable team decisions
  • growth of trust in the team, which makes work faster, more pleasant and more efficient.

Wisdom in the organisation brings:

  • higher efficiency
  • differentiation in all respects
  • competition becomes irrelevant
  • greater flexibility and resilience in a changing market.

In short, with wisdom, drama and suffering are reduced, and work (and life) becomes more like dance and play instead of an eternal struggle.

If you are sceptical – keep following this blog 🙂

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